Marcia Cross
“Jill really helped make my house feel more like a home by getting the closet, kitchen and even garage organized. I am not like my character Bree on Desperate Housewives, but Jill taught me some great tips on how to keep the house in great shape.”

A Consumed Family
“Dear Jill,
We are so grateful that Consumed came into our life. Since the show finished, we continue to simplify and de clutter. For every one thing that comes into the house 2 things must leave. I will NEVER end up needing Consumed again! … It feels great! My kids miss you, they all really enjoyed meeting you and had a lot of fun. They talk about you weekly. You made a difficult experience a lot of fun. Thank you!”

Sascha Liebowitz, J.D.
Business Writer
“I was in tears with “organize-iety” after my husband and I moved into our new home, I had no idea where anything was! In one weekend Jill transformed the whole place. Now I know where mail goes when it comes in, where my client work goes, and where to look when I need a rubber band. I’ve been so much more productive since Jill re-organized my office, what a relief! ”

Jill Fishkin
“I was in the middle of planning my wedding and moving into my fiancés house. It was crazy. Thank goodness Jill was there to help me make a smooth transition and to actually find a place for all of my things. Jill is not only an incredible help and support but she actually makes organizing fun.”

Andrea Scarbrough
Hair Stylist
“I just recently moved into a smaller apartment – and thanks to Jills hard work and organizing, I was able to bring everything with me. Jill modified the bathroom closet and converted it into a place where I can also blow-dry my hair and put on my make-up. She also helped me utilize every last inch of the closet in my bedroom. Jill is a real miracle worker.”