What is an Organizational Expert?
A person experienced and devoted to making clients lives better by organizing, prioritizing, systemizing, redesigning, and freeing people from the stuff that weighs them down.

What are the benefits to getting organized?
Your space and time will be more manageable. Your paperwork and objects will not strangle you. You will have systems created to help you deal with the flow of stuff through your life. You no longer have to deal with useless junk. You can declutter and get organized. You will be the master of your domain, and have the time, energy and inspiration to do what you really want in life.

How involved will I be in the process?
In the beginning, you will be actively involved in the process. This is about taking inventory of your stuff and your life. Nothing will be thrown away or donated without your approval. Some areas can be done without your constant attention or involvement, but that depends entirely on the project or your desire to be involved.

Does everything have to be thrown away?
Absolutely not. This is your life and your space. We will find a way to keep everything you want, but with systems and storage solutions that help you live in the present, and not get buried by the past.

How long will it take to get organized?
Just sitting down with me and charting a course of action will provide you with the relief in knowing that your problems are in my hands. From there it depends on what you want and to be done and the length of time you want to commit to the process. It didn’t take a day to get unorganized, it takes some time to right the ship. Timing also depends on how quickly you can make decisions, how big the project is, how much clutter is on and under the surface, and how committed you are to making changes and investing in the project. Some people like to tackle one area at a time, others like to get it done in one fell swoop. The ultimate goal is simply to declutter and get organized.

What if I have so many problem areas that I don’t know what to tackle first?
Relax, you are in the hands of a professional. I am an expert at coming in to a situation and determining the best place to start to make the most difference in your life. I can show you how to get and stay organized.

My situation is unusual. How can I be sure that my particular needs are taken into account?
You are a unique and special individual and each system will be customized for your particular needs.
Your lifestyle, schedule, work, habits, and even height and left or right-handedness will be part of the equation when designing a program for you to live your best, most organized life possible!

What is the first step to getting organized?
That’s the easy part. Click on Contact Jill to begin the process that will change your life. Now breathe deeply and know that your clutter is not something that you have to deal with alone. Help is on the way. Let go of the stress of your cluttered closets, drawers and rooms and know that you have taken the most important step.