Jill Pollack


Jill is an organizational expert/TV host/opinionated personality (just ask her husband). She hosted two seasons of HGTV Canada’s show Consumed and can be seen dispensing advice on The Meredith Vieira Show, OWN.com, Dr. Oz and Nate Berkus, to name a few. She has been a spokesperson for brands such as Schick, Avery, Allergan and Brother P Touch, and her tips have been featured in dozens of magazines, including InStyle, Family Circle, Real Simple, and Fitness.

Jill considers herself a personal trainer for the home and office. Her clients are people who wish to simplify and improve their lives by taking control of the stuff that is literally blocking the path to good mental and physical health. Her philosophy is “to own your stuff, don’t let your stuff own you.” What will you #declutter today?